Saturday, July 11, 2009


A map,
where lines and its entanglements creates the city,
The boundary
The structure
The house,
The home,
The family….

They say we came into existence
from a big bang,
A blast from nothing …
The space,
The form,
The dimension,
The life
The concept….

Linear in outer line
They say the universe is expanding
They continue to remind
There is nothing called real, says quantum physicists
Everything is relative except the speed of light, says relativity
Time is only dimension, expanding universe also shrink to points…
Universe is an entanglement of 12 dimensional string , says string theorists
Universe is a chaos, says disciples of chaos
There are many world, says many world,,,

Concepts and hypothesis…
Those Lines and entanglements
Missing or proven….

Destruction of the point is the line, the dimension, the real.
But the point has no dimension.
From point to line,
Unknown are
The before, after and the between
When do they begin…?
When do they end…?
Question can be question
Only when the questionable exist..! So, when do they exist…?

Beyond is a concern and limitation is real.
Virtue to visible
And visible to known,…
All are dimension…
Point…Line….Entanglements ….Layers … Form…
The life
Silence is the sound of nature.
Absentia is the existence.
Sacrifice is the achievement.
This is the form, the point, the line, says Hindu…
Void is existence, says Buddha…
Form is the gift of god, says church…
Formless is the form of God, says Islam…

Entanglements, forms, lines, point
The unknown….
Within the dimensions,
From known to unknown and unknown to known
The life emerges…
Lines originates…
Layers fabricated…
A form is perceived…
Every line is an open ended possibility
An exploration, a development, a confrontation
A barrier, a boundary, a profile
An idea perceived or remains unknown….
Then an artist gets his birth
So is an art And a form ….
Outside the glass window,
The transparent barrier,
A “Lakshmi” bomb explodes….
A child smiles…
The art
Silence of lines….